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Matching Peace strives to provide relevant education and dialogue around culture, race, inclusion, intersectionality, and more. Using real world current events, Kelley has an interactive classical approach to assist attendees in arriving at their own conclusions based on the presented information and open dialogue with peers. Majority of people are not taught about race, how to value others, nor how to push past natural inclinations, and typically the information that is received, probably isn’t the most accurate. Matching Peace offers a variety of training to engage people on all levels from those in a professional setting, parents, and beyond.

Personalized Training for Your Organization: Matching Peace offers 1 and 2 hour training sessions, as well as, half-day, full-day, and two-day training and can tailor training topics to the needs of your company. To schedule a consultation, contact us  by clicking here or emailing our Kelley at kelley@matchingpeace.org.  

Matching Peace offers four signature trainings:

Challenge Your Thoughts: A Workshop in Different Thinking in Diverse Settings

Cultural Humility: A Workshop in Being Empathetic to Different Cultures

Feeling Safe: Jumping into Unfamiliarity

Changing Perceptions: Bridge Gaps Between Cultures



Matching Peace also offers short bite sized training for an hour through our Lunch and Learn Series. Our Lunch and Learn sessions examine foundational principles to help loosen the mind and understand basic elements. The format of this program is 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of Q&A.

  • Culture Session topics will be similar to: what is race, what is culture, what is whiteness, what is blackness, what is intersectionality and how does it affect our daily lives?

  • Wellness and Family Session topics will be similar to: what is communication & tips for communication, interracial communication, tips for better family communication. 

  • Our topics can be tailored to your companies specific needs and staff interest. 

Please contact us for a consultation by clicking here or contacting Kelley at kelley@matchingpeace.org.

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