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Book Discussions

Are you an educator seeking opportunities to develop an at home or classroom library with content that will help you make tangible changes in the classroom? Join Talk It Out Piece by Peace Book Discussions for insights on culturally-responsive books and opportunities to ask questions while building your educator community outside the bounds of your school. Whether you’re familiar with foundation texts like White Fragility or Stamped From the Beginning or not, our book selections will help you transform your classroom into both a safe and brave space for all students.


Weekly, Wednesday @ 4.30pm

Outside of Clubhouse:  

4th Tuesday of the month at 4pm 


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Talk It Out Piece by Peace is a podcast that breaks down theories and frameworks into topics that are accessible and geared toward activating collectivism. Each episode is designed to create a space where diverse groups of people can learn and grow together for the betterment of humanity.

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