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Whiteness As Norm

Updated: Feb 17

A critical component to becoming culturally responsive is understanding our identities. Since our identity is a multifaceted manifestation of nature and nurture, understanding it can be complex and difficult. Privilege and power are a couple of reasons why identity exploration can be advantageous and helpful, individually and collectively. While we may see privilege and power reflected in our profession or within our families, often times we do not see how it impacts those around us. This month's theme is "whiteness as norm", which provides a look into how white privilege impacts society as a whole. This concept is a tenet of the academic framework, Critical Race Theory, and is a concept that is graining more traction. Critical Race Theory will be further discussed in our Talk It Out Piece by Peace podcast in February.

Reflection Questions

Use the reflection questions in the resource file. Take your time as you move through each section. Journal or write our thoughts so you can review them at a later date this year.

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Are you an educator seeking opportunities to develop an at home or classroom library with content that will help you make tangible changes in the classroom? Join Talk It Out Piece by Peace Book Discussions for insights on culturally-responsive books and opportunities to ask questions while building your educator community outside the bounds of your school. Whether you are familiar with foundation texts like White Fragility or Stamped From the Beginning or not, our book selections will help your transform your classroom into both a safe and brave space for all students.

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We just wrapped up reading We Want To Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Dr. Bettina L. Love. For the month of February, we will be reading: Not Light, But Fire: How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom by Matthew Kay. For the monthly book selections: click here.

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