• Kelley Webb

On Grasshoppers

This morning when I was at my storage unit, a grasshopper jumped on me. It came and went so quickly that I didn't know what happened. However, it was there long enough for me to see that it was a grasshopper. I saw a grasshopper a week or two ago and did not respond so graciously, I wondered if this was my do-over. And this time I decided to look up what does it mean when a grasshopper jumps on you. This picture showed up saying that "he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation". Now, I have many situations going on right now: moving, the plan to study for my license, moving forward with my dissertation (which I just had a meeting for last week), a potential relationship, Amira, just so much right now, but I'm just glad to know that I'm moving forward and not backwards. Life has been all over the place, but I'm glad that there are signs showing me that I am going to be alright.

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