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Updated: Sep 28

At Matching Peace, we believe that Black History is not reserved to a single month, but that Black History is American History, which should be explored and celebrated everyday. It is a priority of ours to incorporate anti-bias, anti-racism, critical race theory, critical whiteness theory and cultural responsiveness into our vales to educate on an ongoing basis. We are often asked what this work looks like and how our educational aspirations assist in this space. The answer is not a "one size fits all" solution, but is one that is tailored towards a specific person, group or institution.

Understanding our individual identity, in addition to awareness concerning white supremacy and systemic racism are paramount to successfully executing the work set forth. These foundational concepts take time and will not eradicate systemic racism immediately, but will have positive consequences over time. It is not abnormal to remain in this foundational stage for years. When it comes to identity and awareness, we encourage people to participate in challenges to save resources, reflect on what they've learned and take action on their findings.

Below are the challenges that we recommend:

  • Do The Work 30 Day Challenge curated by Rachel Cargle (click here for all 30 days). Be sure to follow Rachel Cargle on Instagram for her posts on the 2021 Black History Month learning series.

  • Starting March 1, 2021, nation-wide YWCAs will be doing a 21 day Racial Equity and Social Justice challenge. To register for the YWCA of Northwest Ohio's challenge, click here.

  • Purchase Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. Me and White Supremacy started out as a daily challenge and is a beneficial book to have in your at-home or school library.

  • Be on the lookout for a challenge from Matching Peace focused on work in the classroom for the second quarter.

Additional Resources that can be incorporated in the a classroom lesson or at-home:

  • Facing History and Ourselves: Honoring Black Agency & Black Joy

  • Equal Justice Initiative: Daily Racial Injustice Calendar

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