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A google doc will be created with an outline/script of questions to help with the flow of the podcast. It will be shared with you. You will have edit access to add notes and add or modify questions. We will schedule a date and time to record the podcast. The podcast is recorded via Zoom and will be uploaded to FB, IG, Anchor (with distribution to Google Podcasts, Spotify and a couple other podcast platforms). If you are willing, I will tag you in the posts when shared on social media. I also will create an audiogram snippet that circulates social media.

Time Commitment

  • Prep: varies based on your own schedule

  • Podcast: varies based on how long interviewee talks (if longer than 25 minutes, podcast will be split into two segments)


  • You have the opportunity to share your platform & expertise

  • You have the opportunity to share information and insight that benefits the community

Topic Categories

All topics fall into three categories: race, healthy relationships and parenting or intersections of all three.

Upcoming Topics

  • How to Talk to Your Children about Race

  • Parental Discipline

  • Origins of common terms/phrases and alternatives

  • Bias in higher education, specific to medical and education colleges

  • What can we do to make multicultural and diversity training more effective?

  • A training program to lead from multicultural awareness to knowledge and skills

  • Constructive conflict management in a cultural context.


  • Anyone interested in race, healthy relationships and parenting

  • Partnership with NKU Business Class (collegiate students)

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