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Family to Family,

Peer to Peer

Mentoring Program


Frequently Asked Questions


What is required of me?

All Adult Representatives must:

  • Be 21 years of age;

  • Submit application;

  • Background check (if you have concerns, please contact us at kelley@matchingpeace.org, there are specifics convictions that Matching Peace will not be able to accommodate since we are working with children);

  • Interview (in-person or phone; for matching process);

  • Review of Matching Peace training and activities for program (no longer than 1.5 hours and can be broken up over time); and

  • Exhibit a genuine concern for others;

  • Willingness to share stories and experiences; 

  • Open to learning from others. 

What is expected of me?

We recognize that time is a factor when it comes to mentoring. Keeping this in mind, we also recognize that certain structures do not work for everyone. Thus, we leave this open between the pair. There are some hard requirements like background checks for safety purposes, but expectations are left between each pair. Success looks different for everyone and for this reason we allow flexibility between the families so that we achieve greatness. A staff member from Matching Peace will reach out monthly to follow-up about how each pair is progressing.

How to apply?

Click here and fill out the on-line application. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Our Director of Connections will contact you within in five business days of receipt of your application. We will then email you the background check form and schedule a time to discuss any questions that you may have.

What happens within the Family to Family, Peer to Peer Mentoring Program?

  • We provide orientation for each pair.

  • We host events for connection and shared learning.

  • We check in on all pair relationships monthly (to address any concerns and celebrate successes).

  • We match you with another family or peer that has a strength in the area that you are seeking exposure. If you do not know what area that is, we will determine it upon your meeting with a Matching Peace staff member.

Family to Family, Peer to Peer Mentoring Community 

Slack Community: click here

Orientation: Google Classroom Student Code: 4qopwrg