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Business Meeting

Welcome to Matching Peace

Matching Peace provides an innovative framework of anti-bias training through the combination of culturally relevant and inclusive pedagogy. With an emphasis on empathy, our services provide employees with the tools to comprehensively, appropriately and directly address issues related to equity centered education. 


Matching Peace employs equity-centered education in that it focuses on peer-to-peer education that centers the expertise of individuals or groups and allows for the sharing of accurate information and lived experience that confronts bias, misconceptions and preconceptions in a way that is directly applicable to both the personal and professional life.

Matching Peace facilitates peer to peer co-learning and mentoring experiences founded in the belief that a horizontal learning structure-learning from and alongside each other-is most effective for personal and systemic change.  Our models of facilitation, mentoring and learning/training experiences provide facilitation while privileging a shared learning experience with our partners.  We identify those taking part in the program as active partners rather than passive participants because of the active role co-learning and peer to peer mentoring requires and invites all who join in this work.



We seek to enrich the overall well-being of institutions, individuals, and groups while building increased capacities for empathy through fostering practical and project based co-learning.

We aim to put theory, education and information into practical action and experience through this work.

We hope to translate these experiences into holistic, measurable change and impact in our homes, places of work and community at large.


​What uniquely makes Matching Peace’s work distinct is the peer-to-peer and community based training in which anti-bias and anti-racism concepts and tools are engaged with while within a co-learning group that directly counteract implicit/explicit bias, prejudices and preconceptions, active or passive othering and naïve or willful unknowing.  The peer based communities forges an active and empathetic co-learning environment.


Word on The Street

This event opened my eyes that I need to do the self work in order to be intentional about how I would like to raise my child to be socially conscious.

I have learned some of the blindspots in my personal ecosystem from the identity activity.

Coffee with Moms Participants

Identity, Introspection & Insight: A Self-Awareness Workshop

How Ms. Webb explained terms, thoughts ideas and realities in such a way as to not offend any participants. I was amazed at her.

The fact that you are really addressing to the core, the language you use, and some of the things you're addressing you're calling it out, and you are very helpful to talk about this with. So there's so many families out there and people in relationships that could really use a dialogue. Who could really use your services to help further these conversations.

Real Life Issues: A Scenario Based Workshop

Kathy Tucker, Brave Space for Critical Conversations guest